Mt Wellington Vow Exchange

I usually talk a lot about my full package which is called Lovestruck ⚡️as it is the most popular and has “all the feels”

However please don’t think you have to have a particular “type” of ceremony. There are so many options!

Today I would like to talk to you about my relaxed and stress-free Legals Only package.

I find this base package is a great fit for three types of couples.

1/ Those that are/were planning on a huge wedding celebration on the mainland when the borders open… but really can’t wait any longer!

2/ Those that are really after a bare minimum stress free hitching at any Hobart location they choose.

3/ Busy parents that have been together for ages and have been planing to get married but never really got around to it.

Legals only ceremonies are $450 and can be done absolutely anywhere.

Parks and cafes or siting on the beach are a popular choice.

At the summit of kunanyi for a Mt Wellington vow exchange sound fun?

What about a relaxed ceremony at your favourite Hobart dog park?

I’ve even done this type of ceremony at the couples kitchen table while their kids were watching SpongeBob and eating spaghetti in the next room.

They include all of the legal wording and paperwork to have you both legally married …and can take less than 10 minutes.

Sound like your cuppa tea?