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Want to know about an exclusive Sunshine Coast Brides’ Tribe?

Meet the wedding experts at the Brides Tree – your admins for the exclusive & fun FB group “The Sunshine Coasts Brides’ Tribe”. Where only brides & grooms planning a wedding in the Sunshine Coast region can join. No businesses at all! Sally & Jenny These two first met working in the marketing department at Australia Zoo. Sally was… Read More

Groomology – It’s his wedding day too!

What is Groomology? For anyone that has ever talked “weddings” with me, they know that I am big believer in a wedding day celebration being a true reflection of both the bride and the groom’s personality and style. You are probably already aware that the wedding industry is mostly… if not completely focused on the… Read More

Confetti here, Champagne there, Love everywhere!

Confetti 101. Traditionally at weddings, people used to throw raw, uncooked rice at the newlyweds to symbolise prosperity and fertility….now we have confetti and we love it! Guests love to shower you with confetti as you come back up the aisle with that incredible “just married” glow. And of course photographers love it too, simply… Read More