Inclusive Ceremony Idea #1

Thankfully the day of the boring ceremony, delivered in a monotone voice with some archaic “words of wisdom” thrown in for good measure are long gone and often no-one knows who your wedding party is.

These days wedding celebrants work closely with their couples to create personal ceremonies.

Where the guests are not just invited to sit there and witness a special moment in time take place in front of them.

Instead we now encourage guests to help celebrate and be “a part of” the ceremony in many fun and unique ways that truly add to ALL the feels!

So who are those people standing up the front with you?

Let’s introduce your wedding party!

If not everyone attending your special day can answer this question then how about we include a wedding party introduction.

Have some fun and help me write a fun introduction to your “I do crew”
It also gives your guests something fun to chat with your bridal party about a little later.
Wedding Party fun hobart ceremony

This is a great way to make sure everyone attending knows who is standing up the front with you

Example = It’s now time for me to introduce you all to the I Do Crew for today….

First up on team Bride we have Jess!
This fruit ninja champion has been the Bride’s friend for many years.
Growing up in Hobart together they went to the same primary and high school and have been the best of buddies from the day they met.
They have shared many road-trips and long lunch drinking adventures together in their time as friends.
So, it comes as no surprise that Jess had to fly her in for her Tasmanian wedding from Melbourne where she now lives with her partner Tom and cat Trevor.
However a few words of advice for you all…but please do not let her anywhere near a karaoke machine.

You get the idea!

More inclusive ceremony ideas coming soon.

Or maybe you are looking for some on the day bride and groom gift ideas to give to each other.