About Kath


I am a country girl at heart and grew up in small town in NSW called Cowra. I have always loved a good wedding for as long as I can remember. My dad tells a story of catching me in the back yard when I was 8 or so acting out a wedding ceremony and marrying the neighbourhood kids off to each other.

Moving to the Sunny Coast almost 15 years ago to chase my dreams of becoming a Conference and Events Manager, I have had the opportunity to work for some of the Sunshine Coast’s most professional and awarded venues, coordinating over 100 amazing weddings and special events each year.

While coordinating these events, I witnessed many couples have every detail of their wedding suit them to a tee but completely miss the mark with their ceremony. After mentioning this to my best friend when she got engaged, she quite simply said to me… “you know and love weddings, your well-spoken and well presented… why don’t you be our awesome wedding celebrant?”

So along with my best friend’s words of encouragement and my industry experience at QLD’s most awarded wedding venue I was inspired to become a Professional Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant, and I absolutely love my job!

I went from a Miss to Mrs in March 2015 and married my amazing husband, Glen in Noosa. He wanted to be involved in the whole planning process and have a wedding day unique to us… after all it was his wedding day too!

So we made it our mission to have our wedding reflect our personality and style. We booked a celebrant that would work with both of us to ensure our wedding celebration began with a true representation of us. We wanted our friends and family to say “wow… that was so Kath and Glen”. And this is exactly what I want for you and your partner.


After all of the initial legal paperwork is filled in I send all my couples a little questionnaire. I love reading them! It asks questions like how did you guys meet? What it is you love about each other? Tell me a little about the proposal? The answers along with a coffee catch up help me design each personal wedding ceremony. I think it is only fair if I share a few details about myself.

Star Sign? Aquarius

Favourite Food? I love cake!

Favourite Drink: Mojitos

Favourite Quotes? Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve imagined. Henry David Thoreau.

If you could have one super power? It would be to heal people – my sister is a nurse and what she does for a living inspires me every day.

What do you spend money on? Dresses and Cake.

How did you meet your husband? We sat at the same group table when we went to a Food and Wine festival dinner event – he took his mum and I went with my chef friend. We soon realised we had so much in common.

Dream Holiday Destination? Love to go to Vegas!

Down Time? Out to lunch along the Noosa River with my husband, trying to learn to play the Ukelea and I also love to meet up with my wedding industry friends to chat about my favourite subject ….…. Weddings.

Best wedding day tips? You must try and eat breakfast and Lunch… even on my wedding day my Matron of Honour had to remind me to eat something. … And of course book an amazing Celebrant! #pickme!


I believe love is gender blind and support marriage equality – everyone has the right to love whoever they like and I can’t wait for the day the world can truly accept this.

Couples that feel the same way can have a sentence added after the monitum (minimum legal wording) to acknowledge their support for marriage equality.

“We would also like to acknowledge the voluntary lifelong union between any adult paring as a commitment of equal standing. (Bride) and (Groom) acknowledge their privilege to be able to do so legally, and will continue to stand for equality.”


In 2013 whilst I was working at Maleny Manor the amazing founder of My Wedding Wish, Lynette Maguire was calling for anyone in the wedding industry that may be able to donate their services to gift a full White Wedding to a deserving couple who are battling terminal or life threatening illnesses or circumstances.

I put my hand up to help with the first MWW along with many other amazing suppliers all donating what they could to make one special couples wedding day as amazing as it possibly could be, MMW have gifted 5 weddings to some very deserving B&G’s since it began. MWW hold a very special place in my heart. If you would like to find out more about MWW please click here.