Go ahead – Cake My Day!

 You’re Invited!

So excited to hear the news today that ISLE WEDDINGS is hosting Hobart’s first wedding industry cake competition on Saturday the 12th March at Battery Point Community Hall.

For anyone who has read my Instagram bio you would already know that I’m a self-confessed fancy cake enthusiast.

My earliest wedding cake memory was back in the late 80’s.

For every wedding my parents were invited to they would return home clutching a white waxy cake bag stuffed with a piece of fruit cake layered with thick white icing for the three of us kids.

There was no way we were allowed to eat the cake that night!

But the next day we were excited to sit in the back yard with our glass of Milo and slowly peel the very soggy paper bag open and then day dream of a bride arriving in a horse and carriage like lady Di.

It was a special treat reserved from a very grand occasion that we weren’t invited to.

It’s also something about the fact you only get to eat or share fancy cake on a special occasion.

The whole ceremony of everyone stopping what they are doing to watch it being cut and shared (especially at birthdays) is a whole moment it itself.

I have been very lucky to taste test loads of fancy cake during my time as the wedding coordinator for QLD’s most awarded wedding venue Maleny Manor which hosted up to three weddings a week.

The craziest cake I have even seen was one that took a team hours to suspended from the ceiling!

That was probably the most expensive cake I would have ever seen too.

Cupcakes held the spotlight for a good while and are a great way to gift cake to guests as they were stumbling out of the door at the end of the night.

I’m guessing that the current generation of wedding guest children (and whoever else is lucky to get a box the next day) are very thankful to have a nice little box and not a squished bag.

These days receiving a piece of cake saved from a special occasion that you or a loved one could not attend would be even more special.

If you want to know good local cake. I would suggest you ask the amazing wedding coordinator from Frogmore Creek Winery – Sheene who works each and every wedding at Hobart’s most popular wedding venue.

Quiet certain she has tasted many a local wedding cake and can tell you who her favorite designer is.

She would make the perfect judge!

My favorite cake of all time (with the exception of my own) was one made by a bride’s grandmother.

Unfortunately, it was also the ugliest cake that I have ever seen as it was collapsing in the center and melting a little as the afternoon went on.

But when we got to the part of the night of cutting and serving it to guests,

Hand on my heart…… it tasted so damn good!

And that’s not just because it was loaded up with some ancient plonk sourced from her liquor cabinet.

As the saying goes – it tasted good, because it was made with love.

And I’ll never forget how proud that Grandma looked as everyone complimented her at the end of the night.

So what I am saying is, there is a big difference between a good cake and a great one.

And it’s got nothing to do with how “perfectly styled” the images are you find on and Instagram feed.

Of course – scrolling through a perfectly styled “cake makers grid” is very stratifying but it is also what’s on the inside that counts – both figuratively and literally.

The amount of time, patience and skills that  go into making a wedding cake takes years of experience and not to mention, the job comes with a lot of pressure.

Let’s eat some fancy cake together.

Luckily we don’t need to wait for a wedding invitation to eat some fancy cake. Because creator of Isle Wedding Nina Bluger is inviting you to her event next month at the super cute Battery Point community hall

Where you can come along and see some of the loveliest cakes made wholeheartedly by our talented wedding professionals.

There is also an amateur category just for fun and am expecting to see a few “Nailed It” moments from this category.

Nina’s tell me her wedding cake was a collective effort.

Her Nannie made one layer and her Aunties made the other two. How sweet!

So, If you’re a cake lover like Nina and me…

Be sure to come along and share in some fancy cake goodness of all shapes, sizes and flavors.

Maybe even remember to “cake someone’s day” by saving a little piece to gift to someone who would have loved to be there.

Hope you to see you there!

CLICK HERE for more info or register your interest.