11 incredible ways to surprise her on the day.

11 incredible ways to surprise her on the day.

Go ahead…make her day!

The “Brides Gift” is an area that we have seen attempted, completely forgotten, and knocked out of the park.

We want to help you be the guy who knocks it out of the park!

First off, this might not even be on your radar because you already purchased an engagement ring and she is also getting a wedding ring on the day.

We do hear you loud and clear and 100% agree that weddings can be very expensive!

But trust us when we tell you that this gesture will seriously win you some HUGE brownie points to call on for many years to come.

Organising a surprise gift doesn’t just thank your partner for taking on most of the wedding planning, it let’s them know you appreciate them and can’t wait to finally start your adventure together “officially” as husband and wife.

When done right,

It adds to the memories of the day that she will cherish forever, and it really does not have to cost much at all.

A little can certainly go a long way.

So, lads make sure this surprise gesture is on your hit list and you can thank me later.

  • Lingerie
  • Earings
  • Perfume
  • Hand Written Love Letter
  • Champagne and Flowers
  • Hamper of her favourite snacks delivered to her room
  • Reception Surprise
  • Slideshow of memories
  • MIXED TAPE for her Spotify Playlist while getting ready.
  • Fireworks
  • A bottle of her favourite Tasmania wine or sparkling to enjoy on the day – check out my favourite bubbles at Frogmore Creek  

Of course you can always check out my Instragram page for hundreds of ideas on how to really personalise your wedding day.

With 7 years as a registered marriage celebrant I am sure I can help you come up with some ideas to make your significant other feel super special.

It’s my job to find out what makes you both the amazing people you are. The create the prefect ceremony for you both so you Hobart wedding is perfectly you.