Groomology – It’s his wedding day too!

What is Groomology?

For anyone that has ever talked “weddings” with me, they know that I am big believer in a wedding day celebration being a true reflection of both the bride and the groom’s personality and style.

You are probably already aware that the wedding industry is mostly… if not completely focused on the bride.

But why?…when it is his wedding day too!

Right from our first meeting as your wedding celebrant, I like to chat with you and offer lots of suggestions as to how you both can contribute to ensure your guests know exactly whose wedding day celebration they are attending.

I want your guests to say “WOW… this is so (bride) & (groom)”

And not so much of …”this has (bride) written all over it”

That is why I love working with Lee from Life and Love Photography !

We both share the same view that a wedding day celebration should be…

Just as much about the groom as it is about the bride.

And it is evident that this is an important reason as to why our couples trust us and want to book wedding suppliers that share the same view to help create and capture their style from the very beginning.

One particular wedding a few years ago, it was so obvious that the groom had no say at all, with bright pink sashes and a Hello Kitty cake and place-cards.

Now that would be completely fine if he loved Hello Kitty but… he most certainly did not.

With some groom’s wanting to be involved in every step of the planning process like my husband for example wanting to mix my love for “classic elegance” – with his love for New York city & street art.

And some choosing to add in simple touches of their personality like cuff-links or brightly colored socks and jocks.

It’s all in the details.

It’s not only just in the styling where we can add the personal touches – it’s the “uniquely his” details that make the big difference.












A favorite of mine is when the boys make a grand entrance and arrive at the ceremony site in the grooms pride and joy – a motorbike, 4wd or classic car.

I especially love to welcome the groom and his wing-men down the aisle with a round of applause from family and friends, sometimes to their own theme song played in the background.

Think …Top Gun’s “Dangerzone” or Pharrell’s “Happy” 

Or when they have special little gifts given to them on the day – that they carry with them down the aisle.


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If you have an amazing fiance that really wants to be involved in creating an engagement shoot, ceremony and wedding day memories that are truly “you two” then let’s catch up.

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