Confetti here, Champagne there, Love everywhere!

Confetti 101.

Traditionally at weddings, people used to throw raw, uncooked rice at the newlyweds to symbolise prosperity and fertility….now we have confetti and we love it!

Guests love to shower you with confetti as you come back up the aisle with that incredible “just married” glow.

And of course photographers love it too, simply because it adds a burst of colour mixed in with lots of smiles and laughter which makes for the perfect photo.

Today more and more couples are booking contemporary wedding celebrants, like me, who love to share lots of fun ideas and suggestions to add some modern twists on these types of traditions.

Here are some confetti tips and tricks that I have learnt from being a professional wedding celebrant on the Sunshine Coast #bestjobever.

Coloured Confetti.

This type of confetti love comes in millions of different shapes and sizes and is perfect for indoor ceremonies. Check out Eco Confetti Australia –  they have a fantastic range of colours.

Keep in mind it can be a little difficult to clean up and for this reason it is also the type of confetti that many wedding venues say no to.

But don’t worry I have some other ideas for you….so keep reading.

pop of colour

Push pop confetti

Fresh or Fake Rose Petals.

A popular choice for environmentally friendly confetti is for your guests to throw rose petals which are usually placed in little cones of beautifully decorated brown paper bags.

Get creative – I have seen the paper cones made from sheets of music from the couples favourite songs, pages from favourite books and even pages from a Groom’s comic book.

These personalised touches can really make the big difference to having a wedding that is so you.

Elleah’s typography skills added a personal touch to these confetti bags at Yandina Station.

Brent and Elleah’s wedding day celebration – Nick Evans Photography

Typography messages by the Bride – Nick Evans Photography







Rose Petal Cannons…… Yes, I said Cannons!

Recently in my wedding celebrant meetings, here on the Sunshine Coast, I have been suggesting to couples to really wow guests and start their wedding day celebration off with a BANG.

Simply Rose Petals in Brisbane stocks amazing freeze dried or fresh rose petal cannons which are also biodegradable!

They operate similar to large party poppers, except with a bigger bang and a higher spray of rose petals – up to 12 feet in the air!

rose petal cannons

Carla & Tim at Rickys Noosa – Swirltography

rose petal cannons

Mr & Mrs Czyz – Hidden Grove Noosa







Something Different?

Some fun couples go right outside of the box and give their wedding guests mini beach balls which are perfect to toss at beach weddings.

Other unique ideas are coloured popcorn, guest made paper planes and I have even seen a world map cut into little heart shaped confetti to symbolise the couple’s love of travelling together.

Nature lovers use bird seed, lavender or have even cut shapes into Autumn leaves by using a hole puncher to create the most natural of confetti!

So find something unique and plan the perfect “girls night in” DIY wedding project!

Paper planes for the group photo

Mini beach balls perfect for a Noosa beach wedding


How do I “confetti” responsibly?

Step 1:

First check with your ceremony venue if it’s okay to have some form of confetti. Some will say no to fresh petals, but might say yes to freeze dried or fake petals.

Therefore the most common reason why some venues do not allow confetti is because the fresh rose petals or coloured paper can leave permanent marks on the floors and carpets.

So it’s very important to always check first – you don’t want to spend any of your honeymoon money on an expensive cleaning bill!

Step 2:

If you don’t get the green light to have some confetti at your wedding and the venue manager needs a little more convincing, maybe tell them you promise to allocate someone to quickly run around and sweep it up.

I’ve seen this work really well when the mother of the groom handed out a few little plastic bags to the kids and they all raced around to see who could collect the most.

Step 3:

If you are outdoors please insure your confetti is biodegradable – so no throwing rice! It would be awful to think some small animal suffered after digesting highly toxic confetti or raw rice.

Step 4:

This might sound silly –  but make sure your guests know how to throw it.

Get someone to hand out the confetti during the signing of the marriage register. Your celebrant can give some quick instructions to guests during this time as well. The idea is to have everyone throw it over you as you go by…. not at you.

Step 5:

Throw that confetti in the air Mr & Mrs, like you just don’t care!

makes for a great photo

Petals thrown right at my face did make for a good photo!

Kath Tilly Wedding Celebrant

Happy Wedding Planning x K







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